In a society defined by material success, Christians are plagued with a difficult quest to balance our faith with our careers. We often draw an invisible line between our commitments to the weekday grind and Sunday morning worship.
However, at Global Disciples, we encourage the integration of ministry and business. We equip disciple-makers and church planters to use small businesses to not only support themselves financially, but also to share the Word of the Lord in their business relationships. We have found that this integration results in astronomical blessings that are both financial and spiritual in nature.
Marty considered his small business of low income house renting and flipping to be separate from his ministry. He had a personal conviction to reach Muslims in restricted-access countries, but considered his work on houses as a simple source of funds. After participating in Global Disciples Small Business Development training, Marty felt challenged to extend his ministry to those who he came in contact with through business.
“I was convicted to see people in my area of concentration, my tenants, as people who need Jesus too,” Marty said.
Upon returning from the program, the Lord drew Marty’s attention to one tenant, Nate, who was facing eviction for failure to pay rent. Nate and his wife were plagued by significant bank debt, and an inability to pay their bills. Nate struggled to find work, although he has great skill as a handyman and plumber. During a conversation between the two men, Marty recognized the Lord’s plan for transforming a business relationship to one of ministry.
Marty hired Nate as a full-time maintenance employee, and by God’s provision, his business began to flourish. “Nate’s doing great work,” Marty reported. “Their rent is caught up, and he’s already saved me thousands of dollars on jobs I would normally have contracted out.” He experienced a large increase of rental requests and business growth. This financial success has overflowed into ministry as his business connections create opportunity for evangelism. Marty explains, “Trailer court owners who’ve known me for years are saying ‘What’s going on? You’re different.’ So I tell ‘em.”
Marty’s obedience to God’s call for the integration of business and ministry sparked financial stability in his personal life, while simultaneously building the Kingdom of God. When we allow the Lord’s presence to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, we open ourselves up to unanticipated opportunity. How will you integrate your business and ministry to embrace spiritual and financial impact?

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