Catching Fire

As Global Disciples, we hear many stories of God’s transforming work in the lives of those who go through discipleship-mission training. It’s a time when the Lord speaks to the hearts of those participating in training, when the Spirit works in a man or woman to test, refine, or prompt them to deal with their own spiritual condition. It can lead to a life transformed from the inside out, as a Christ-follower is fired up with the power of God to carry out His mission.

Isaac* leads a discipleship-mission training program in Nigeria. He told the story of Dayo, a young man who came be trained earlier this year. On the second day of the training, God spoke to Dayo’s heart and convicted him about several things in his life. He went to Isaac to confess a long misunderstanding with his senior pastor; they had many problems and were frequently in conflict. Now Dayo realized he could not continue the training until he had made things right with his pastor. So Isaac gave him permission to go home.

Dayo went to his pastor, confessed and apologized, and the pastor forgave him. The pastor even called Isaac to ask, “What are you teaching? Dayo has been a headache for me for a long time and now he’s changed!”

When Dayo returned to the training, Isaac said, “This young man caught fire!” He was transformed and empowered by the Spirit and the knowledge of forgiveness. As the training participants went on outreach, God used Dayo to pray for healing for many people, and they were healed! As others saw God working in him, they wanted to know more—drawn to the Good News of Jesus—and their lives were also changed.

Dayo, the young man who couldn’t get along with his spiritual leaders, has now planted three new fellowships. He meets with them regularly, even though they’re in multiple locations. He’s developing as a leader, and his pastor and church are excited to support him and help him grow.

Isaac believes this transformation has inspired and encouraged the cluster of churches which supports the discipleship-mission training program. “We are locally sustained, praise God!” he said, “our church has given their full support—raising animals, giving land—we never lack.” This Nigerian church wants to train others like Dayo, who will be transformed and “catch fire” to share the Good News of Jesus with those who have yet to hear.


*Names changed for security reasons

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