We love the “first” things, the new beginnings. And when those are milestones in mission, well, it’s a reason to rejoice, as you’ll hear with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

We get excited about “firsts” — first babies, first steps, that first day of school, winning first place. One of the firsts I enjoy is seeing the first reports from a discipleship-mission program as they complete their first training session. Especially if it’s the first program in a country where the Global Disciples training model is used for the first time!

We had one of those reports from Sri Lanka. Ajith was one of the first 3 directors we trained and he leads a new discipleship-training program. He said, “I am so happy; the Global Disciples training has taken our church to a whole different level! We had 15 participants who went on outreach. Now we have 6 new house churches, 8 new fellowships in different areas, and 179 new believers. For the first time, our church gave baptism to 60 new believers on Christmas Eve. And 30 more are still waiting to be baptized!”

Ajith explained, “The training time had filled the disciples with fire. They took a number of days to fast and pray before they left on outreach. And God worked among and through them in different areas.”

Several encountered witch doctors who challenged them about God’s power. While the witch doctors did all they could, they were powerless as long as these disciples, standing in the power of God, were present. Other disciple-makers were warned by the police to stop preaching or their legs would be broken in punishment, but they continued boldly. In one village, the land was cursed; it wouldn’t produce well and every family had at least one person physically or mentally disabled. When Ajith’s team came, they prayed for the land and these families. And they’ve seen God doing a great work there among this community.

Ajith said, “Some participants who were initially members of our main church don’t come to church now – they have planted new fellowship and are giving leadership there!”

We rejoice that God is using all these “firsts” to multiply the Body of Christ in Sri Lanka!

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