New Churches, New Leaders

Leadership: A multiplying church needs leaders who can develop and mentor a new generation of leaders.

Sometimes good leadership involves releasing people to do what they’re trained to do. That’s the life lesson a Nigerian church planter shared for this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As Global Disciples, we come alongside churches to assist them in training and sending out their own mission workers to plant churches. Of course, as these workers fulfill their commission, there’s a new need – for leaders who can shepherd and mentor and grow these new fellowships of believers. So we’re also involved in helping leadership training programs develop the next wave of Christ-like leaders so necessary to the newly-planted churches. As of our last report, over 5-thousand, 8-hundred leaders were currently in training through Global-affiliated programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Samuel comes from Nigeria. He was actively involved in planting churches but it hadn’t gone well for him. Each new church folded after a time – mainly because he could not find any leaders for it. So Samuel came to a Training of Trainers for Global’s Leadership Development. Then he went back to his supporting churches and launched a leadership training program, taking what he’d learned and training a new group of leaders.

Now, Samuel is planting churches again. He’s working with 8 new church fellowships; 7 in northern Nigeria and one in neighboring Ghana. And he’s also equipping the leaders who will help these new fellowships grow and reach out even further.

Samuel says, “In Nigeria, we have a problem. We say that ‘you can give away your goat but you need to keep hold of the rope.’ Global teaches us that we can let go of the rope. Since it is for the Kingdom, why should we keep trying to control everything and in the process make things worse? So now,” Samuel adds, “I am willing to risk raising up people and releasing them to go and do more.”

Sometimes the key to effective ministry is to “let go of the rope” as Samuel put it. To equip and then release those God raises up to multiply the Body of Christ. And it’s exciting to see someone like Samuel become fruitful and effective in doing his part for the Kingdom.

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