A Warm Welcome

Sharing the Good News of Jesus meets with many responses. Some people reject it, others welcome it warmly, as you’ll discover with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Taking the Good News of Jesus to least-reached people often means facing hardship and opposition. But sometimes, there’s another response—a warm welcome for those with the message. After all, it IS “good news”.

Recently, Kofi shared his experience. He is the director of a discipleship-mission training program in Ghana. It’s a brand-new program and they went on their first outreach. He said, “I had my team do a survey so they could get permission from the chiefs to come and minister. We met the traditional chief of the area, and he welcomed us warmly, and he allowed us to go from house-to-house. The Lord gave us many new disciples in that community.”

In the next village, the chief—a woman—asked them to hold a crusade, a public meeting, Kofi continued. And she gave them a house to stay in during their time in her community. “Later we prayed with her,” Kofi said, “and the Lord told her to give us something.” After a few questions, she shared that she had some gold. She was looking for honorable, trustworthy people to negotiate its sale. And with the money, she now wanted to give to help spread the Gospel. And there was more: “She not only had gold, but also land that she offered for God’s work,” he reported.

In both communities, Kofi and his disciple-makers were given places for new fellowships of believers to gather. And more people came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. One man said that he had never before heard the name of Jesus! He shed tears as he heard the message of the Gospel and put his faith in Christ.

“God has been so wonderful as we were on the field,” Kofi said. “And we’re privileged to share the Word of the Lord.” It is a privilege to share the Good News of Jesus—and to equip people like Kofi to train and send out disciple-makers to least-reached peoples.

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