Making It Possible

What can $3,000 do to reach people with the Gospel and plant churches? You might be surprised – as this Global Story explains…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.    

Would your local church think it’s possible to provide several months of full-time training for 12 people as disciple-makers, then send them out, and to start 3 new churches of about 30 people each–all for less than 3-thousand dollars? Probably not. Yet an African discipleship-mission training program we helped launch recently did just that. Another program, in Uganda, trained and sent out 15 disciple-makers which resulted in 92 new believers and 3 new churches established! Their total budget was 4-thousand, 7-hundred dollars.

I’ve talked about Global Disciples training disciple-makers for church planting, equipping leaders for new churches, and helping them to develop small businesses to support ministry among least-reached people. And you may have wondered…what does this take financially? What’s the cost? Well, this is how it works.

Each discipleship-mission training program begins at the initiative and under the ownership of a local cluster of churches. They all want to train their people as disciple-makers and church planters. We as Global Disciples equip the director they select to lead their training program – which includes how to develop their budget.

The church cluster supplies at least 51% of the program expenses in the first year. If requested, Global Disciples provides seed funds for the remaining 49%. The next year, the church supplies 70%, and then 85% the third year. By the 4th year, the training is 100% supported by local resources. Local sustainability is always our goal.

And each program budget is set by the context—based on local costs, not by western standards. Their leaders understand their own needs and what they have, even in non-cash resources.

The cost of the 2 African programs I mentioned fit the average we’ve observed in the last 3 years. A discipleship-mission program usually equips and sends out an average of 15 disciple-makers. Their outreaches usually produce about 75 new believers, and 3 new churches are established. What a God-honoring investment!

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