A White Elephant Lesson

God often builds experiences into our lives that make us useful for His mission. Case in point—this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

David directs a discipleship-mission training program in Uganda. He’s also a business owner, running his own graphic arts business.

A few years ago, when he lost his job, David considered what it would take to start his own business. “Where can I get the money to purchase the equipment I need?” David wondered. He was driving at the time and he was reminded of a concept called “white elephants.” A “white elephant” is something that has monetary value but tends to use more of your resources than the value it adds to your life. He thought about the expense of keeping his old car running. If he sold it, he could purchase the needed equipment and start on his own. But he needed to talk with his wife first!

They discussed what it would mean—giving up the convenience, going back to crowded buses, or walking in the heat. But together, they decided it was the right thing to do. And David launched his business. They’re still without a car, but the business is growing. In fact, it’s doing well enough to support his family and David’s been able to cover the salary of a talented designer he hired.

David brought his expertise to a recent small business directors training with Global Disciples. As he learned more about training others to use business in mission, and how it serves to grow ministry, God gave him a whole new vision.

Now David has gone back to the cluster of churches that supports the discipleship-mission training program that he leads, and they’re working together to add small business training for the disciple-makers they train. He’s already demonstrated a commitment to excellence and passion for training others. Now God is taking David a step further to equip others for sustainability and increased effectiveness.

What a blessing it is to see God work through the experiences of His people, to bring them into areas of greater fruitfulness. He makes use of our experience, our skills, or understanding to accomplish His purposes.

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