The Surprises of God

God has a way of surprising us when He goes to work. And Galen shares a few of those unexpected acts in this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As Global Disciples, we provide a way for local churches in Africa and Asia and Latin America to train their own people as disciple-makers and church planters. The discipleship-mission training involves both classroom training and a period of practical training or outreach, where the participants exercise their skills. And that’s often where we hear of God’s amazing work.

Kisembo leads a discipleship-mission training program in Uganda. He had 15 participants in the last training, and during their outreach, they led 31 people to faith in Christ, and were able to plant a new church. They saw God work in many ways, including a miracle of healing. Kisembo said, “We were near the village and we met a man who suffered with terrible headaches. He had fallen down in great pain. We talked with him about the Gospel of Salvation, and he accepted Christ. We also prayed for him, and immediately he rose up and was healed! He now worships in one of the churches.”

At the end of the outreach, Kisembo and his team held a special church service to celebrate. And God had one more surprise for them. The mother of a local pastor never came to church—in fact, she had no interest in going to church at all. But that day, she had nothing to do at home and she was bored. So she decided to go where the people were. She came to Kisembo’s service and as she heard the testimonies of the disciple-makers, and saw the joy in their fellowship, she regretted what she’d been missing. Kisembo said, “The Spirit of God fell on her, she confessed her sins, and God saved her right then! She was baptized a few days later and now she’s one of our faithful members at church.”

Once again, God surprises us with how He draws people to Himself—whether it’s a miracle of healing, or just a little boredom. Either way, He changes lives and multiplies the Church and for that we rejoice.

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