Life Transformation

The work of life transformation can take many forms, as you’ll learn through this Global Story from Uganda…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

In all the training we offer as Global Disciples, we want to see life transformation through the training, and the experience on outreach. For the participants to experience a change in their spiritual and daily lives. To deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, and so become more effective witnesses and disciple-makers.

A recent report from a discipleship-mission training program in Uganda, reflected on this transformative work. Sister Kate directs the program. She wrote, “We thank God for the training which has been able to bring transformation in the lives of our 15 students. Many of them did not know how to pray, and how to preach.” It became her desired goal to see these disciple-makers grow in their ability to pray with power, to pray for healing, and to become effective in interceding for those who they meet and witness to. And to preach—to share the Gospel clearly and boldly, with compassion, so that others would be drawn to Christ. Sister Kate was happy to report that the students became prayerful and learned to preach, growing in their personal ministry.

As the disciple-makers went on their outreach, they saw life transformation take place in other ways too. They planted 3 churches and led 92 people to faith in Jesus Christ. One woman who trusted Jesus as her Savior, was a Muslim. She stopped covering her head with the traditional veil, and she refused to fast during the observance of Ramadan.

When her husband asked why she was not fasting, or covering her head, this brand-new follower of Christ told him that previously she had been bewitching him. But now that she is saved, she belongs to Jesus Christ, and she’s a new person. So no more spells or bewitching. Her confession touched her husband’s heart and he soon gave his life to Christ too. And then their four children followed their new example. The whole family has been transformed into a family that seeks to honor and follow Christ.

What a joy to share in God’s transforming work!

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