Multiplying Leaders

Every church in the world need leaders who follow the way of Jesus, with a vision for His mission. And this Global Story looks at the impact of multiplying Christ-like leaders…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As we work with churches to multiply disciples who are trained and sent out to plant churches among least-reached people, we work to see leaders multiplied for these churches. As Global Disciples, we see leadership development as absolutely essential to ensure that these new churches grow into healthy fellowships, following the way of Jesus.

Thomas directs a leadership development program in Zimbabwe, through his local church. They meet for about an hour and a half on Sunday afternoons. Some of the group comes from the other side of town. It’s a high density area about 10 kilometers away. Last year, as they met together and studied what it means to be a leader in the model of Jesus, Thomas said, “God did something in the hearts of these leaders. They began to feel God’s call to be ‘leaders make things happen.’” And part of making things happen was to plant a new church…in that heavily populated area of the city, reaching people in need.

This new church is now led by three men from the leadership training, with an attendance of 30 or more. With their location, and the vision to “make things happen” for the Kingdom, these leaders are anticipating much greater growth in the future.

Thomas said, “One of my hopes and prayers for our program is that we see leaders emerging who can take responsibility for our churches.” And he talked about Matthew, another participant in the training. “He has been absolutely faithful in attending,” Thomas said, “and also teaches some of the lessons. This program has prepared Matthew for leadership. Through the progress and transformation that’s evident in his life, it seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit to appoint him as a pastor in the church I’ve been pastoring, which strengthened our church.”

Planting churches, strengthening the Body of Christ, and shepherding good growth. This is what we see God doing through the many leaders as we seek to train and multiply them around the world. And for that we are grateful.

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