Renewing the Joy

Leading others, serving the Body of Christ, seeking the lost—it’s a big mission. And sometimes even those who lead get discouraged or tired. A season of renewal can make all the difference, as this Global Story reveals…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

“My life has taken an important turn,” Simon said. “Before the training, I didn’t know the Lord very well. Today I give thanks to the Lord that my longing to be part of God’s mission is a reality. This is the greatest opportunity God has given me—the most meaningful of my life.” As a church leader in Mexico, Simon was reflecting on his experience in a leadership development program, launched with the help of Global Disciples.

In parts of the world—Mexico included—many pastors and church leaders may have limited training. Or few opportunities to further their leadership skills, or be encouraged in the ministry God has given them. As Global Disciples, we partner with local churches to provide ways to train their leaders—at all levels—to be better equipped in leading in the way of Jesus. It’s how we build up the Body of Christ, even as we seek to encourage its multiplication among least-reached people.

Pablo is the director of this leadership training program in Mexico and passed along testimonies from some of the most recent participants, like Simon. And Hector, who also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, for the life change he experienced, and what it means for his ministry in these days and the days to come.

“A year ago, my spiritual life was in ruins,” Hector said. “The joy of serving the Lord was over. In that time, I was led to be involved in this training. Today I am leading the mission effort in my area, and I have recovered my love for lost souls. Serving the Lord is a joyful experience. I feel fulfilled in serving Him, searching for the unbeliever, and restoring broken people. And I bless the ministry of Global Disciples because you have been used to restore my love for the Lord.”

What a privilege we have to equip leaders like Hector and Simon, who are growing into passionate, visionary, and Christ-like leaders that the church and the Body of Christ needs…in Mexico. And all around the world.

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