A Person of Influence

When God gives a person vision for the Kingdom, He may give him unexpected opportunities to influence others, as you’ll discover with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Andres leads a discipleship-mission training program in the Philippines. He’s a long-time partner with Global Disciples and he’s seen God work through the disciple-making church planters he’s trained. He’s an enthusiastic mentor for those starting new discipleship-mission trainings. And recently Andres shared his experience and vision with a group of directors.

“We have 20 churches in our conference,” Andres shared, “but we have a dream that by 2020, we will have 100 churches. Last year, we started 26 new fellowships!” While many of these fellowships are still small, that’s significant growth for just 20 churches—more than doubling in a year. Andres said, “We have learned that if we seek to make disciples first, we will have a church. But if we try to start a church, we will not find disciples.”

They sent one of their disciple-making teams to neighboring Indonesia, to share the Gospel mostly with Muslims. While they were there, they started some new fellowships.

Andres has significant influence in another area—with local political leaders. “Our place is known for violence during elections,” he said, “and the Lord put it on our hearts to do something. So we called the candidates for mayor, and asked them to sign a covenant that they will not use violence during the campaign but campaign in an honorable way. And if they win, they will allow us to do a Bible study in their office.” It worked—since all candidates signed on, the elections were held peacefully.

And then, Andres has led Bible studies with employees and leaders in local government, often using Global Disciples materials on leadership development. He said, “They’re not church goers but I have seen God’s hand on them. They embrace and respond to the Gospel message. We also have access to school teachers in our community and we teach them biblical principles.”

Like many others, Andres has the vision to take the Gospel to those still waiting to hear it, no matter where they are in position, influence, or geography.

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