A Way Forward

When God calls us to serve Him, He also deals with our fears and worries. Learn more with this Global Story from India…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As disciples of Jesus multiply, and new churches are planted among least-reached peoples, a new need develops. How do you support the pastor of a newly-planted church? It’s often a small fellowship with few assets. And churches who sent the church planter may be limited in their ability to supply their needs. That’s one of the places where Global Disciples comes in. We see developing a small business as a way to resolve the issue. It offers a way forward from a problem that often hinders a disciple-maker from fulfilling the mission of sharing the Gospel.

Take Prem, for example. He’s a Nepali church planter with a desire to serve the Lord well. He recently came to a small business training we held, and he discovered something that has renewed his heart and his mind for mission.

Prem said, “I came to faith 7 years ago. My wife and I went to India for seminary. I knew God was calling me for ministry but I didn’t know where or how to start after seminary. I had my family and I had fear of doing ministry and providing for my family. I also had a fear that if I’m not successful in ministry or earning money, what would my family and my church think?”

“I thank God for the small business development teaching,” Prem continued. “Now I know where and how to start my ministry! I can start a business, and through that I can be a good witness in the community. I will do business and serve God. So my fear is gone!”

We often see Global Disciples’ small business development brings confidence in place of fear for those who serve the Lord but have little means of support. A small business can be an economic boost, but it also provides a way to effectively interact and witness in a community. And it gives the church planter—and his family—an identity and some peace of mind as they share the Gospel of Jesus with those who have yet to hear it.

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