I Will Never Be the Same

When you pour your energy and passion into training and discipling others, you may need a time to renew and recharge your own heart. See what it means for trainers and disciple-makers around the world, with a new Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Every year Global Disciples brings together the Program Directors of training programs we’ve helped to launch. Each leader was selected by their cluster of churches to train and to send out disciple-makers and church planters to least-reached people. We invite them to an Annual Equipping Event in their region.

This year, over 950 Program Directors were invited to one of these18 regional events. Many arrive feeling tired and in need of spiritual refreshment and renewal. All year long, they pour their lives into preparing and mobilizing disciple-makers, often in high risk and difficult places. They look forward to these Equipping Events as a time of additional preparation and being ministered to.

I’m always encouraged to hear the amazing stories of what God is doing in and through their ministries. Stories of miraculous healings, , often intodeliverance from demonic possession, and movements of Christ are commonplace in these gatherings. And at the end of each event, these training directors are almost always charged up. They’re renewed by their time together, and eager to continue pursuing the calling God placed on their lives.

“I love the unity of the spirit that exists in these Global Disciples meetings,” one Program Director in Nigeria commented. “And the level of prayers offered for the unreached areas of the world always inspire me.”

Another Program Director declared, “As a result of the focus of this year on rekindling the fire of the Spirit in our lives, I will never be the same. God has done something very deep and profound my life. Now I realize more than ever that if I stay alert each day to the Holy Spirit and take time in God’s Word, I can be renewed in the Lord every single day.”

It’s a reminder for all of us, isn’t it? As another Program Director said, “By the grace of God as I go from this 2017 Annual Equipping Event, I will not allow the fire I have received to go out. But I will fan it into flame and pass it on to others.”

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