Changing Plans

You can make your plans, but be sure they include listening to the Holy Spirit for true direction. That’s what one woman learned, as you’ll hear in this Global Story…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

So often God takes us out of our comfort zone, and changes our plans, in order to accomplish His plans! Like the story of Perla recently. She leads a discipleship-mission training program in Mexico. Usually, when the participants get to the outreach part of their training, they work as a full team at planting a church.

This time, Perla said, “The Holy Spirit led us to take the Gospel to a variety of locations. We connected with a man of peace in a very difficult place. He is a head teacher in the area. We stayed with him during our outreach and went to preach in 10 villages around the area.”

“Normally the whole team stays together and we do drama and a presentation,” Perla explained, “But this time we went out two by two. And this was the first time for many of them to do this kind of ministry.” However, as the teams began to report in, they had awesome stories to report and saw God working in mighty ways.

Perla went along with two disciple-makers, a 20-year old, and one who was a teenage! She said, “They never had gone out to share the Gospel before and it transformed them!” They went to a location where the people had never heard of Jesus. They went door to door and shared the Gospel with 70 people, and only 1 person did NOT receive Jesus! Most of their efforts focused on the women, since the men were away at work. But Perla and her two young disciple-makers had the opportunity to share the love and salvation of Christ with men as they returned from the fields, and all of them found new life and faith in Him!  A church was born in a day.

Perla shared that the local hosting church experienced revival too as they saw what the Lord was doing. Praise God!

As Perla and her team know, when the Holy Spirit nudges you and changes your plans, it’s worth following His direction.

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