From the Inside Out

A disciple is one who lives for Christ, not for himself or herself. And that’s life change from the inside out, as this Global Story reveals…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

When he came to the discipleship-mission training in Nigeria, Lazarus said, “I was an ordinary Christian, and full of myself. But when they taught about dying to self and living for Christ, it made feel as if I wasn’t a Christian at all!” He continued, “Then the Holy Spirit began to work in my heart to surrender ALL. And I did. Now my life is totally transformed. I have a new perspective on who a disciple of Jesus is.” He gave an excellent definition of a disciple. He said, “A disciple is one who does not live for himself but for Christ. His goal is not to please self, but to please Jesus.”

Like many participants in discipleship-mission training programs related to Global Disciples, Lazarus found that a disciple-maker must first be a disciple. And that means the Holy Spirit doing a work of transformation from the inside out.

Our Global Disciple training focuses on what we call the essential components—biblical keys that develop a disciple who lives for Christ, not for himself. These include intimacy with God, developing right relationships, practicing forgiveness, being empowered by the Holy Spirit, and understanding evangelism and compassion. As Lazarus discovered, when the Spirit goes to work in the heart, nothing is ever the same.

Vincent reflected on his experience in the same training program. “I came with an offense in my heart,” he said. “In fact, after the training, I planned to deal with the man who offended me—to have the police arrest him and punish him for what he did! But as I learned about forgiveness and right relationships, my anger melted away slowly.” Vincent was able to forgive the man completely. He said, “Before, I was feeling very heavy because of my unforgiveness but now I am free, I am light, and I thank God for this teaching.”

We rejoice over the freedom, forgiveness, and transformation we see in the lives of those who go and make disciples in the least-reached areas of Nigeria, and around the world.

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