Compassion Speaks Volumes

Showing people you care can help them understand that God cares for them too. Hear the Global Story right here…

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Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Flipping through reports from several discipleship-mission programs, one word showed up enough to draw my attention. The word? Compassion.

Let me read an example from disciple-makers doing outreach among a remote, strongly Buddhist community. They wrote:  “By the guidance of God, when they see evangelism done with compassion from us, their hearts were open to receive the Gospel. Over 15-hundred people heard the Gospel through our outreach activities. And a new fellowship was planted.”

Compassion—as a companion to sharing the Good News of Jesus—speaks volumes to those who’ve never heard. After all, when people see you care about them, they’re more willing to listen to what you say about a God who cares for them. When you help them in some way, when you share their experience or give something they need—and ask nothing in return—it means a lot.

This outreach team, in South East Asia, had gone to a rural poor communities and taken along medicines; they spent time praying with those who were sick and saw God bring healing to many. And their compassion opened doors. “God touched the hearts of the people,” the director reported, “and they wanted to hear the Word of God.”

As Global Disciples, we are not a relief agency; we’re trainers, equipping the Body of Christ. But those we’ve trained, and the disciple-makers they develop, have found that coming to people with compassion AND the Gospel has significant impact.

It may include relief work—like bringing water, food, tarps to those affected by an earthquake, as we saw recently in Nepal. Or, like this team did, taking medicines to communities with little access to medical aid. Sometimes it’s physical labor—we’ve heard of outreach teams helping farmers with planting or harvest seasons, carrying bricks or gathering firewood. Whatever can demonstrate the compassion for the person and their needs—spiritually and in their daily life.

It’s a simple principle you and I can use too. Showing compassion reflects Jesus…and Jesus is the Good News they need.

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