Courage to Carry On

Sometimes it’s a simple thing that gives a church planter the courage to carry on the work God has given to him or her. Galen shares an example from Nepal with this Global Story…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Alok came to a Global Disciples small business training in Nepal. He is a church leader and pastor who is already equipping church planters. But he wanted to learn to train these church planters to use a small business to support themselves as they take the Gospel to the least-reached.

Alok knows what a difference a small business can make. Several years ago, his daughter Sevita took our small business training, and started raising goats. Her flock grew and created enough income to help as she led a nearby fellowship. And to help support the family and Alok’s ministry too. Sevita has since moved to a city to take charge of an orphanage. Now Alok takes care of the goats, which continue to sustain his training and church planting efforts.

But you need to know something about Alok—he is a man of courage and unshakeable faith. Earlier in his ministry, as he led an outreach team and shared the Gospel of Jesus in Nepal, he was threatened and beaten for his faith. In fact, he’s been beaten several times, and so badly that today he struggles to sit for any length of time. And he lives in constant pain. He’s also functionally illiterate—he struggles to read and write.

Yet Alok does not see these things as limitations. His passion for Christ, and for all the Nepalis to know the joy of salvation, fuels his determination to train the next generation of church planters. To help them develop small businesses to support and multiply their efforts. And to send them to the many least-reached peoples of Nepal.

What a picture of courage and faith we see in Alok—and in so many others. As Global Disciples, we are humbled and inspired as we serve dedicated, Spirit-filled leaders, and help them fulfill the passion and mission God put in their hearts. And may these examples inspire you and me in the way we live out the same mission in our lives.

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