On Your Doorstep

Do you see those who don’t know Jesus as “heaven material”? And what do you do about it? Let the story of a disciple-maker in Kenya give you a few ideas, with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

What happens when the Lord brings least-reached people to your doorstep, instead of sending you to them? Asher leads a discipleship-mission training program in Kenya. Global Disciples trained him and for several years now he’s been developing and sending out disciple-makers. But they don’t to go far to find least-reached people!

Asher reported, “I work with refugees in the community where I have my program and my church. We just trained our third group of South Sudanese and Burundians. I have to use 2 languages!” He found that some who came to the training had been in church but had no real understanding of salvation and living for Christ. The first work was to see the Holy Spirit bring spiritual regeneration! Then these new believers—trained and equipped—went on to lead another 30 people to the Lord during outreach.

Asher also sees a great opportunity among the Somali people—another refugee group with deep roots in Islam. “We need prayer for God to break through so we can reach our Muslim neighbors,” he said. “There are over 400 thousand that have yet to be reached.”

It’s hard work—one obstacle Asher talked about is that, “We can get Somali Bibles, but most of the people don’t know how to read or write.” He said, “God has opened doors. As I have worked with them, I have also been teaching them their ABCs. Pray for favor and resources to meet their needs and to teach them.”

Another obstacle is the mindset and perception the Somalis have about Christians. “They always tell us that Muslims take care of the Muslims,” Asher said, “but where are the Christians? They say if our Muslim religion is helping us, why should we change? Christians are ridiculed and mocked.”

But Asher and his disciple-makers are not put off—for one simple reason. As he put it: “We pray for their salvation—the Muslims are heaven material! Someone needs to be with them and tell them about Jesus!”

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