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“I Am a Crippled Girl”

Do you feel like your limitations keep you from serving the Lord? Then you’ll want to listen in to this Global Story reveals…


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Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

I have often shared stories about God’s healing touch on a person’s life and how it opened their heart to the Good News of Jesus. But today’s story has a different twist.

Lalu is a young Christian woman in Northeast India. She describes herself as “a cripple girl.” A bone fracture in her hip as a child means she’s lived most of her life with limited mobility. Her father is gone, and it’s her brother, a leader in the church, who loves and cares for her.

She also participated in a discipleship-mission training program that Global Disciples partners with in her region.

Lalu said, “After the training period, I was very interested to preach the Gospel with great passion.” She went along on the outreach but due to her problem, she struggled as the team travelled on foot. “I fell into a ditch several times,” she said, “and my condition worsened. I was admitted to the hospital for an operation but it was so much money. My brother tried to get the money, but inside I was not happy—the expense was beyond imagination. So I decided to fast and pray for three days. I cried to the Lord for healing and He healed me!”

Lalu returned to the hospital. The doctors were amazed at how Jesus had healed her. Now, her healing is fueling her mission.

Lalu said, “The desire to preach the Gospel drove me to go to another village. I shared my testimony and preached there and two families came to Christ. In another village, everyone gathered to hear the Gospel for the first time and one family came to Christ. All glory goes to Jesus!”

Lalu continues preaching. She says, “Pray for me—I’m a cripple girl, but I am preaching the Gospel to the poor and needy; my vision is to reach whole villages in this region.”

What a testimony to the power of Jesus to heal, and to empower His people to share the Good News with least-reached people.

One thought on ““I Am a Crippled Girl”

  1. Thank God for the heart touching story. I,ve been refuel to go the extra mile. Which means with my substance and gifting. I wish to add Lula ,s healing testimony to my story line on coming Sundays message. In fact , I believe any child of God who cry for support ,wife ,husband, miracles, healing name them, needs the “foot work” Evangelism. Out there on the fields lies our destiny helpers, ministry helpers, husbands & wife, signs and wonders,healings just like Lula. God richly bless you. I celebrate your healing with you.
    Jn Kennedy -UP CITY Church International- Ghana

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