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Prayer leads to power in our witness, and lives transformed by the Spirit, as you’ll discover with the Global Story



Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

One of our core values as Global Disciples is transforming prayer. We believe that prayer leads to the transforming work of God. It releases His power in the world. And it transforms the heart of the one who prays.

So we want everything we do to be conceived, birthed, and carried out in prayer. It’s a key part of the discipleship-mission training approach we use in partnership with churches around the world. So when we hear stories of how the core value of prayer is taken on board and activated in a training—well, it’s exciting!

Levi leads a discipleship-mission training program in Namibia. He was trained by Global Disciples, and he definitely picked up the value of prayer. During the training a year ago, the training session on standing firm in the Lord and in prayer. And it prompted his participants to take action.

Levi said, “The most wonderful thing happened! Many of the participants got into prayer and fasting throughout the training. And they were forgiving one another as they prayed.”

He continued, “It has led many people to believe this training is a not an ordinary program—but it’s life-changing; a program filled with the Spirit of God!”

The spirit of prayer soon spread through the community, according to Levi. And the newly-trained disciple-makers were on fire in their outreach, speaking the Good News in a region of over 4-hundred thousand people.

So far they have planted three new churches in the area. And as their outreach carried into a neighboring country, another 2 churches were planted!

“The community was transformed,” reported Levi. “And many people glorified God through their worship, and by extending the Kingdom of God. We are grateful to God as He mightily used the participants we trained to go and do His work.”

Life transformation, the spread of the Good News of Jesus, disciple-makers empowered by the Spirit of God, and multiplication of the Body of Christ—these are the wonderful things God does as His people pray!

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