Prayer Warriors

Spiritual battles are real, and best fought by those who pray. See how that works out in this Global Story from Tanzania…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

When a new discipleship-mission training program begins, we encourage the director and the supporting churches to establish a team of intercessors. This group is committed to pray for the training program, leaders, and the disciple-makers who are sent out. Intercessors and the ministry of prayer is essential for the spiritual battles being faced.

Philippe directs discipleship-mission training programs in Tanzania. He started with 25 participants in 2011. Philippe’s wife was part of that first group—and now she pastors one of the churches planted during the training outreach! They’ve since added leadership training, equipping church planters to be effective in leading the new churches. And they’re using a small farm and a cyber-cafe developed through the small business training, to support the ongoing programs financially.

They have an active team of intercessors! It started with 10 intercessors during the initial training. But Philippe reported, “Our intercessors have continued to increase and they meet each Saturday.” They also have prayer going on each day in the church.” And these prayer warriors take on the spiritual forces they encounter with a passion.

Philippe shared recently, “Some witches tried to test the power of our God.” He said, “A lady came to our church, crying and terrified. She told the intercessors how, after washing her face, she poured out the water and it turned to blood as it flowed to the ground. She tried again, and again the water turned to blood as she poured it out.” Philippe described the fear of the villagers who told the intercessors that if their water stops turning to blood, they would believe in Jesus.

So the intercessors went to pray. And after a time, the people poured out water on the ground and the springs of blood stopped. “The devil was defeated,” Philippe rejoiced, “and as a result, many people believed in Jesus and the church is growing.”

Never underestimate what God will do when His people pray. Or the importance of being one who prays. We absolutely need His people to carry on the ministry of intercession, no matter where we are in the world.

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