Reasons to Rejoice

Hearing about the work of God in the lives of people and communities can give you a reason to rejoice, as you’ll discover with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

“First of all, I praise the name of the Lord who has been guiding us to complete our training,” reported Thet. “God is at work and great things happened during our training.” Now that’s a good way to begin a report!

This report comes from Myanmar, where Thet directs a discipleship-mission training program. His training is operated by a cluster of churches in the southern region. There are many remote, rural villages where they’ve never heard of Jesus Christ. Thet is eager to equip disciple-makers to spread the Good News among these least-reached people who worship idols and demons.

The first thing Thet noticed in the training was how quickly a deep spiritual fellowship developed between the participants. He said, “They came from 5 different churches. We shared our testimonies and prayed for one another. And I realized that many of them did not have good relationships and fellowship in their own churches.” But they forged a deep bond as they learned to be passionate, obedient disciples of Jesus Christ.

Thet and the disciple-makers saw God do wonderful things through their training and outreach. He said, “We shared the Good News as we went out in good fellowship, teaching, and conversation, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was with us.” In the village that hosted the training, two families left their worship of demons and put their faith in Jesus Christ.

In another village, the chief’s son was suffering with severe stomach problems, so Thet’s team prayed in Jesus’ name. And he was healed! The villagers had never seen such a miracle before and a number of them became believers too. Thet reported, “Today, one fellowship has been planted and 35 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We praise God for His presence and His miracles to expand His kingdom.”

We rejoice with Thet at what God is doing in Myanmar. And in so many other places in the world where followers of Jesus are giving their lives to share Him with those who are still waiting to hear the Good News.

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