Jesus Loves Me

The simplest truth can change a life, as you’ll see with this Global Story, from Rwanda.

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Years ago in a university lecture hall, a student asked the well-known theologian Karl Barth if he could summarize his life work in theology in a sentence.

Barth replied, “Yes I can. In the words of a song I learned on my mother’s knee: ‘Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

In a very different world Sina discovered that same truth.

She grew up in Rwanda in a family of seven children. When she was 9 or 10, the terrible Rwandan genocide began. Her father was engaged in one of the many massacres and he’s still in prison. She and her mother fled to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. There Sina was raped and became pregnant.

When she returned to Rwanda, misunderstandings separated her from her mother, and Sina became a prostitute–so she could feed herself and her child. That was her life.

Recently Sina met a group of disciple-makers. They had been trained and sent out through a discipleship-mission training program with the help of Global Disciples. As part of their outreach, they were talking about Jesus and sharing God’s Word in Sina’s community. As they talked with her, she asked if it were true—did God really exist? And if He did, did He really love her? Because, Sina said, “I never knew anybody who loves me.”

Jesus loves me. The simple yet profound truth reached into Sina’s heart and touched her soul. She saw Jesus as the One who loved her so much that He died for her. And she surrendered to Him as her Savior. Now she says she has peace in her heart. And Jesus is beginning the work of transformation in her life.

So many people in our world are like Sina. The details of their stories may change but the reality remains: They need to know that Jesus loves them…that He laid down His life for them. To give them new life here…and for eternity.

That’s the message we are all called to share today.

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