When Jesus Touches a Life

Only Jesus can touch a life and change it forever, as you’ll hear with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

What happens when Jesus touches a life? When a person first hears that Jesus died for their sins to give them new, eternal life? Well, we hear stories every day about how meeting Jesus brings transformation.

Like, like Albert, in Rwanda. Albert was not a believer in Jesus. In fact, he was known in his village as one who ridiculed and belittled the few Christians around. He was also an alcoholic, which created problems at home. At one point, he had an accident. He was seriously injured and wasn’t recovering well.

Then Godfrey came along. Godfrey was a church planter, trained in a discipleship-mission program that Global Disciples had helped his church launch. He and others from his training, came to Albert’s village to share the Gospel of Jesus. Godfrey had an opportunity to talk with Albert. He explain how Jesus had died for all his sins, and that He was the great healer to those who believe in Him.

Albert’s heart was moved, and he put his faith in Jesus as His Savior. Godfrey and his team prayed for him, and for his daughter who was sick too, but had found no help. To their delight, the Lord touched and healed them both!

Instead of ridiculing Christians, Albert is now one of them, sharing the Good News of Jesus with his friends and family, and leading others to faith in Christ.

In the same outreach, Godfrey and his team saw Jesus touch the life of Johanna. She was caught up in idol worship, selling whatever she needed to to keep her idols happy. And it had caused trouble in her marriage. But when she heard about Jesus, she was moved to repentance and found salvation in Him. His touch in her life brought peace to her heart and her home, and restored broken relationships in her family.

The touch of Jesus—drawing people to life and the salvation He offers—is truly life-changing. And it’s our mission to share that life-changing Gospel with those who have not heard it yet!

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