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What are you doing with 1Day?

Dennis got a letter from Global Disciples about the 1Day Challenge. But it ended up in a stack of mail, unread.

It didn’t stay there!

Dennis told us, “Yesterday morning during my devotional time, I was reading about the importance of partnerships. That even if we aren’t out in the foreign mission field, we can still participate and be a part of the work. I prayed, ‘Lord, who do you want me to partner with today? You have blessed me so much, you have given me money that I’m accountable for, what should I do?’

“I then picked up my Bible and in it was your letter explaining 1Day. How did that letter get into my Bible? I didn’t put it in, it wasn’t in there yesterday. It was a mystery! That was one of the quickest answers that I ever received from God. I read it and knew immediately that this was for me.”

Excited by this answer to prayer and a way to partner with global missions, Dennis’ story went on.

“Then I read the P.S. ‘Why not challenge three or four friends to join you in 1 Day?’ and I realized that I was having breakfast with four other men, and so I shared with them.”

One of the breakfast group was his pastor, who told him he needed to share the challenge of 1Day with their church.

Dennis said, “We are in a series, “Being the Church.” This is being the church. He has asked me to preach, and if I do, I want to challenge the congregation to a 1Day giving on September 19.”

Just as Dennis has accepted the 1Day Challenge – as an individual, sharing with friends, and with his church – are you ready to do something more?

All it takes is 1Day. Give one day’s earnings on September 19th, so that together we can reach those who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Join the movement at www.GlobalDisciples.org/1Day

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“A days salary, A day of reflecting Christ”


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