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In the Way

As God directs your path, He also brings along the right people, as you’ll discover with this Global Story


The Global Story is a 3-minute radio program airing Saturdays at 10:25 AM on WDAC, 94.5 FM.


Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Have you ever had God put someone “in your way”? An encounter with someone that seems so random but later it was very clear that God was in that meeting.

Ganda has. He came to a discipleship-mission training that Global Disciples partners with in Malawi. The training director gave the participants a clear challenge to plant churches as they went out to share the Gospel.

Well, Ganda took the challenge to heart. He wanted to go and plant a church somewhere where he’d never been before. God laid a particular location on his heart—but all Ganda had was the name. He didn’t know anything else, just that that’s where God wanted him to go.

On the way, Ganda met a man who was heading the same direction. So they walked along together and got talking.

Ganda started to share about Jesus Christ. And the man was interested—he had never heard about the love God had shown for him through Christ who lived His life, and gave His life that he would have eternal life. This was good news to him, and he received Christ with great joy.

As Ganda talked with his new friend, he asked where he was going. It was the same place God had given to Ganda!

So the man showed him the way, and took him along home. And with prayer and the Holy Spirit, Ganda planted a church, in the home of this new brother in Christ, who now leads the new fellowship.

Ganda said, “In my mind there was no way, but God can make a way.”

Alcoholism is a big problem in this community. But the number of brewers and drunkards is now dropping as many are coming to Christ for forgiveness and salvation.

Ganda’s experience has also inspired the other disciple-makers and rekindled a passion in his local church to share the Gospel and to plant more new fellowships in the Body of Christ. All because God put someone “in his way.”

Who will God put “in your way” today?

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