An Extraordinary Opportunity

As you consider supporting Global Disciples in the #ExtraGive, ask yourself, “What’s in my hands that God can use?”

Haki*, a church-planter in Tanzania, discovered what God put in his hands could be used for His glory. After his discipleship training, he was assigned to do outreach in a Muslim region where outsiders faced strong opposition. Through prayer and fasting, God revealed to Haki that he should begin farming even though he didn’t have the money for farm land.

He continued in prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction. Two months later, one of the village’s herdsman asked if he wanted to buy two acres of land for any amount he could afford. After he explained he had no money, the herdsman suggested for Haki to farm the land and produce crops. After that, he could pay for the land.

As he started harvesting, many Muslims from the village asked to work and harvest his fields. Haki began to employ nine Muslim men and women and he paid them daily with food that had been harvested. Because of his kindness, he received favor from the Muslim leaders and local community.

Eventually he opened three small shops and gave two of the shops to two young Christians he had discipled. They would share the Gospel with anyone that purchased from the shops. This caused tension because the majority of their customers were Muslim. Nevertheless, Haki was asked by a Muslim leader to care for two Muslim orphans and he agreed. Because of Haki’s heart for all people, the leader came to faith in Christ and gave him authority to reach out to all Muslim houses and share about Jesus.

He was able to plant 10 healthy churches! And most of these church-goers are former Muslims who are now reaching out to their families and friends. Haki’s business continues to give him access to share God’s love with his community. Through simple steps of obedience, God blessed and used what was in his hands.

How will He use you and what you have? You can join Him in His mission to reach people of all nations! Don’t miss an extraordinary opportunity this Friday! Just visit for the #ExtraGive.

*name changed due to sensitivity issues

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