Coming through Hardship

In the face of loss and hardship, is your faith strengthened or discarded? In this new Global Story, Galen and his guest talk about God at work in hard times…

Welcome to the Global Story, a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Joining me today is Benson, from Turkana, a region in Kenya that’s experiencing a tremendous drought.

Benson, tell me about how this drought in northwest Kenya has impacted the Turkana people and that region.

BENSON:  There are so many people who have really lost their lives through the drought. And yet in another hand, that the drought has helped them to be closer to God.

When you take the Gospel to them, they really respond because of what they are facing. They have learned that the only way is to turn their heart to God.

Many people now they are migrating from one border to the other border to look for pastures because the side of Turkana is becoming dry and dry and dry. They have lost many animals. And even people, when they see their animals are dying, and remaining few of them, they just decide to give up the life.

And out of that, I have seen many people—the nomadic people—having a sense of looking to God. And trusting God even for more rains. Of yet, there are five years since we have never received any drop of water in the ground. But they still appreciate and are thankful to God.

They are all their life trusting God, even in the most difficult uh, situations in their life, they still believe that there is a God somewhere in heaven. And one day, they believe, that they will come out of all this drought and famine.

GALEN:  So rather than destroying faith, the hardship has strengthened their faith.


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