Healing the Nations

When God calls you, it may be to do more than you ever dreamed possible. Join Galen and his guest for this Global Story

Welcome to the Global Story, a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Benson is my guest today; he’s from the Turkana people in Kenya. And God is using him to train and equip disciples-makers and to plant churches among his own people and beyond his people to neighboring groups where there’s been little witness to Christ.

So Benson, what motivated you to first step into these difficult places and begin to share the Gospel?

BENSON:  What motivated me is the call, the fact that the Lord spoke to me, “Go, speak, and heal the nations of the world.” And that made me to have a heart of reaching the lost in my region, area.

GALEN:  Now more recently you’ve been going to the Pokot people who really have been enemies of the Turkana people, often warring among themselves.

BENSON:  Ah, there is a great revival in West Pokot right now. And it’s because they allowed us to come, and pray with them, cry together with them. Despite the challenges of raiding from one tribe to another, killing each other, we allowed God to come and heal both of us as Christians so that we can take the healing to their villages too.

GALEN:  So among the Pokot people, are many coming to faith in Christ?

BENSON:  Especially among the young men, who have been using the guns to kill each other. They are turning their hearts to Christ in great numbers.

GALEN:  And what happens to the guns?

BENSON:  They just lay down their guns, and they have the Bible right in their hands to take the Good News to the next village. We have trained 30 of them that have planted 60 churches in 2 years. And there is a great revival in Pokot, the Kalenjin, the Kabras. God is moving in these unreached regions.

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