Simple Gifts

One small gift, given in faith, can inspire great things, as you’ll discover with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

One small act, made in faith, can inspire great things for God’s Kingdom. As Global Disciples, we’ve seen that happen over and over again, when a follower of Jesus Christ, prompted by the Holy Spirit, takes one step of faith. Or makes one gift. Or goes to their knees in prayer. And out of their faith, God multiplies His Church.

A pastor in Nepal was eager to begin discipleship-mission training within his local context. The church agreed, but they felt they had no resources to cover the costs of training. For seven years, they prayed and dreamed and planned…and waited.

Finally, several leaders came to the pastor and said, “We believe we can do it even if we don’t have anyone to give money for the training. But it’s for the Kingdom, for church planting. We must do it.”

The pastor said, “We asked all the people of our church to pray for the training and to discuss with their families how much food they could give, or how much money they could give to support the training. A week later, an old woman came to me with two small packets of salt. She was so excited! And praying for the training each day, and she wanted to help. Two packets of salt was all she could give.”

When the pastor showed his congregation this simple gift, the Lord used those few ounces of salt to inspire an outpouring of generosity. Families brought rice and vegetables to feed the training participants. Others gave what little money they had to help with costs. Within a few weeks, seven disciple-makers were in the training!

One small gift, given in faith and prayer, helped to inspire and fuel what is now a rapidly growing movement of church planting and discipleship-mission training all across the country of Nepal.

Simple gifts, given in faith. You and I can do the same thing, as we trust God to take what He’s put in our hands and use it multiply His Body here and around the world.

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