Vision and Power

To see God do a mighty work, we need to have His vision, and to trust His power. Learn more from our guest and this Global Story…

Welcome to the Global Story, a weekly glimpse into what God is doing through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen with Global Disciples.

I have a guest with me today, from Kenya. His name is Benson and he’s one of the many church planters and disciple-makers who’s been trained through our Global Disciples model. Benson is now serving as a part-time facilitator, assisting in the development of other disciple-makers across the region. And he’s been used by God in reaching his people, the Turkana people, and seeing an amazing movement to Christ over the last 25 years or so.

Benson, can you tell me about what’s been happening among the Turkana people?

BENSON:  Yeah, the Lord has been working among my people to reach out to the tribal, warring tribes. And the Lord has been amazingly saving people, and bringing many, many to Himself in a bigger way.

GALEN:  So how is that happening?

BENSON:  We partner with the men and women who have a vision to reach their own people, and then we pray together with them in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

GALEN:  What kind of opposition do you face as you go to those places?

BENSON:  We have people, like diviners, people who are against God. They are like small gods in these villages.

So we first go and meet them in order to introduce Christ to them, give them time to, a chance to choose and believe in Jesus. And sometimes it’s hard for them to respond but it has been a great honor to see many of them turning their hearts to Jesus Christ.

GALEN:  So these diviners or witch doctors would, some of them actually turn to Christ and give up the paraphernalia and things that they use to carry out their own spiritual leadership?

BENSON:  Yeah, and then they give us [those things] to burn them. And when the people see that they have given up what they’re depending [on] as their powers, now the whole village understands that there is no power in a diviner, so they turn their hearts to Jesus.

So they see that the power of Jesus is greater than the power of the witch doctor.


GALEN:  Praise God.

BENSON:  Amen.

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