All He Left Behind

Jesus often talked about the Kingdom He was building but it was a new kind of Kingdom. And you can be part of it, as this Global Story reveals…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Christmas! It’s a day we look forward to all year long. Yet, it’s more than just a day, more than a story of the baby in a manger, with shepherds and stars and angel choirs.

The story of Jesus was the beginning of something the world had never seen! He modeled life for all of us—perfectly! And He sacrificed His life to save us from our sins…to save all people from their sin—so that each and every man, woman and child can have a personal, life-transforming relationship with God.

The birth we celebrate was only the beginning of a mission we carry on today. Jesus, the baby worshiped by the shepherds and kings, grew to teach and challenge and call others to follow Him. To build His kingdom.

Yet to those who saw and listened, Jesus never built a church building. No glorious temple. No well-tuned school, organization or institution. He travelled with little more than his clothes on his back and shoes on his feet. He sometimes “had no place to lay his head.” Even his grave was borrowed. It was hardly the making of a Kingdom.

When Jesus returned to heaven, having accomplished the mission of eternal life to all who believe, he left nothing behind. Nothing…but people.

Just people. Men like Peter and John and Matthew. Women like Mary and Martha. Ordinary people—nothing to make them stand out in a crowd. Except they had walked with Jesus. Listened to Jesus. Put their life on the line to follow Him, and to live out His teaching.

Only people. Like you and me. Like the millions around the world who’ve heard the story and received the message of Jesus in faith. Those who continue to step out and follow Him, no matter where or what the cost.

This Christmas, remember the blessing you have in knowing Christ. And join those who continue to build His Kingdom by sharing the Gospel with those still waiting to join us in this glorious story!    

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