God Is Moving

Only with God can you go from an unreached people group to a movement that multiplies churches at a great rate. And you’ll hear all about it with this Global Story

Welcome to the Global Story, a weekly glimpse into what God is doing through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen with Global Disciples.

I have a guest with me today, from Kenya. His name is Benson and he’s one of the many church planters and disciple-makers who’s been trained through our Global Disciples model. And he’s been used by God in reaching his people, the Turkana people, and seeing an amazing movement to Christ over the last 25 years or so.

How many churches have you seen planted over these years that you’ve been moving around these desert communities, sharing the Gospel?

BENSON:           We have a number of 400 plus churches that has rapidly grown. And by God’s grace, God is trusting us to reach other 17 tribes; that we have begun with 5 tribes. That we are trying to teach them, disciple them to, and help them to reach their own people in their own context. Now we have trained 30, and in 2 years, we have seen God through them, they have planted 60 churches.

GALEN:               Praise God. That is encouraging. So it’s been a tremendous movement to Christ.

BENSON:           Yah. To see a revival in a place, there should be a movement, you know, a movement you cannot control. But the church structure can be controlled by the committees or the board of directors. But the movement of God, you cannot stop.

GALEN:               Mmm. So you see it spreading from one village to another. What convinces someone in a village that they should consider following Jesus?

BENSON:           Uh, because of the story of Jesus. And because of their unity, coming together, they see them [believers] united and the Gospel goes faster. Because it’s uh, chronological Bible stories. Just a story sharing to a friend, it goes to another friend, and multiplies, it goes to another friend and the church grows.

GALEN:               So the, the words of Scripture, whether they’re read or given orally, are powerful.

BENSON:           Mmm, they are.

GALEN:               And so, many times, the stories you tell sound like another chapter in the Book of Acts.

BENSON:           {chuckle} Yah, we continue writing the Book of Acts.

GALEN:               Well, we praise God for the way He is moving.

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