Keys to Multiplication

What are you doing to fulfill the Great Commission? That’s one of the questions Galen and his guest will consider on this Global Story

Welcome to the Global Story, a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Benson is my guest today; he’s from the Turkana people in Kenya. And God is using him to train and equip disciples-makers and to plant churches among his own people and beyond his people to neighboring groups where there’s been little witness to Christ.

So how is God making His power known in those places?

BENSON:    By healing the sick, we have seen the blind see, the cripple walk. And even using the people that have never been in seminary school, or colleges—and just the power of God just come down when they lay hands on one another and they pray for one another.

GALEN:       And I’d like you to talk with us a little bit about how prayer is a strong motivating and empowering force in your ministry.

BENSON:    Yah. I learned many years ago that without prayer you cannot really do much in the ministry. As a leader, you need to invest more time in prayer in order to get the result that you need to see in your lifetime.

GALEN:       As a leader of a multiplication movement in Africa, what would you like to say to brothers and sisters in Christ, here in the US and in other places?

BENSON:    Yah. The Lord has called us to get out from our comfort zone and understand that we have a responsibility to multiply disciples. And we need also to know that we have a part to do in the Great Commission of expanding the Kingdom of God.

So what I would ask that the Body of Christ across the world—are we doing our part to [propagate] the Gospel to the least-reached? Or are we multiplying big mansions, churches, in order to be a sitting here church and yet there are many, many that have never been heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My question would be simple: What are you doing?

GALEN:       That’s a question for each one of us to consider – what are we doing to advance the Kingdom and fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus? Thank you, Benson.

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