When Trees Become Churches

You can plant a church without ever building a building. All you need is the right heart, and maybe a shady tree! Find out more with this Global Story

Welcome to the Global Story, a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

With me today is Benson, visiting us from Kenya. I’ve known Benson for a long time. He, uh, he was strengthened in his early ministry through the discipleship-mission training program that Global Disciples helped to launch in Africa—actually, the first one—about 21 years ago. He’s now leading a church movement among his people, the Turkana people in northwest Kenya.

So Benson, tell us how have you seen the impact of Global Disciples’ training as you have equipped people to go and share the Good News of Jesus?

BENSON:  Um, we have equipped through the model of Global Disciples our own that have a heart to reach the most unreached villages in my community. And I’ve found it effective and simple to, to teach. And we identify them, bring them together, and then help them to understand the heart of God to the unreached people groups.

And then I make a walk with them to the villages that they have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then from there, I understand on how I can mentor them to grow and stand by themselves.

I see a lot of multiplication in them. In fact, most, many of them have planted more churches than myself! And they are growing. My success is their success.

I see a lot of trees becoming churches, one after another. They do what I did many years ago. And the work is continuing there.

GALEN:  So before they’re able to build any kind of a pavilion or shelter for a church, they’re simply meeting under trees.


GALEN:  That’s amazing. We invest a little bit more in the churches we build here.  {LAUGH}

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