Beyond My Comfort Zone

When Jesus goes to work in your life, He may move you into something you never anticipated. This Global Story offers a good example…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

When I talk about “unreached people” you probably don’t think of New Zealand. But Christ-followers in that secular culture are surrounded by people who don’t know Jesus. And many who have very little exposure to the Gospel.

A discipleship-mission training program in New Zealand uses our Global Disciples’ approach to equip local believers as disciple-makers. And they often focus their outreach in places in the South Pacific, like Tonga and the Cook Islands. Meg recently participated in the training.

Meg said, “Before I went to the training, I led a very busy life, and was broken by many disappointments. I questioned whether God and His promises were real. But He answered my prayers, and did abundantly above and beyond that which I asked. My life has been transformed from the inside out.”

While she experienced personal change in her life, it was the outreach to Tonga that stretched and strengthened Meg’s faith.

“I was pushed beyond my comfort zone,” she said, “I had the opportunity to preach in prison and on the street corner in the city center. I prayed with the elderly who were struggling with sicknesses, and many people were set free and healed. We witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit and were privileged to see many people come to a relationship with Christ.”

You know, God often takes us beyond our comfort zone to show us more of Himself, and just what He can accomplish through our obedience.

Meg explained, “Travelling to Tonga gave me an opportunity to refocus on God, to see how much He loves me and that He’s faithful. I rediscovered my first love in Jesus.”

And she discovered His mission for her life. She said, “My heart is to see God’s message of love and salvation move all over the South Pacific and around the world. I’m already planning and coordinating with local leaders for an outreach to the Cook Islands.”

Life transformation–and a vision to carry on the Great Commission. That’s what we love to see as Global Disciples.

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