Faithful in Hardship

When faced with hardship, do you give up? Or persevere in faith? Galen offers a closer look with a new Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Serving the Body of Christ around the world is a real privilege for Global Disciples. We partner with churches in many nations to provide training that helps them fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ—to go make disciples.

In some places, partnerships are just beginning but the potential is unlimited, as we see in one country in South East Asia.

So far, our involvement has been primarily in providing small business training for local church leaders—giving them a way to support their families and ministry as they go out and plant new churches.

As God opens the door, we want to begin discipleship-mission training before long. In this country, most Christians belong to ethnic minorities. They face great opposition from their Buddhist or animist neighbors and from the Communist authorities.

A group of people [believers] in this nation lost their homes and their farmland because of their faith in Jesus. Some were even former members of the Communist party. Their coffee crops were destroyed, livestock was killed, and food stores were stolen. At one point, local officials came in with a backhoe and just pushed the believers’ homes into the river!

Undeterred, this small fellowship relocated, setting up in tents, and though they’re now on land that’s poorly suited for farming, God is blessing their hard work and faithfulness.

An evangelist in the region visits regularly, and he reported that even with all the difficulties, this small fellowship goes out regularly to share the Good News of Jesus with others.

To have discipleship-mission training would be a tremendous help for these communities of Christ followers, like this group in South East Asia. They’re eager to have the tools to multiply the Body of Christ, and to make and nurture disciples of Jesus, and to plant new churches.

Despite hardship, opposition, the limited resources and the many other hurdles, they’re ready to reach 38 people groups which are still without the glorious Good News of Jesus in that region.

Let’s do our part—as we pray for them and work together to accomplish the Great Commission.

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