God’s Hand at Work

Do you see how God has had a hand in your life? Maybe you need a little encouragement, like this Global Story from India…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

How have you seen God’s hand at work in your life? How did He bring you to where you are today? No matter where you are, your age, your job, family, or ministry…you are there today because of God’s faithfulness.

I recently read testimonies given at one of our training events in India. Stories like this are wonderful reminders of the transforming power of Jesus. Even through times of ridicule and oppression, with very little teaching and fellowship with other believers, God is able to sustain us through His Word and by the Holy Spirit.

Joshil is one of our newer leaders. He’s in his early 30s, with a background in education, and is a gifted, passionate man of vision.

“I was brought up in a Hindu family,” he said. “A pastor used to come 70 kilometers to my village. And I would try to chase him away! But one evening, a friend and I sat in the back of the meeting to cause trouble.”

“But this meeting was different,” Joshil said. “The Word of God came like a bullet in my heart, and I was transformed. I knelt and wept for the first time. I surrendered my life to Jesus.”

Joshil’s new life wasn’t easy. For a year he struggled. His family ridiculed him; he had no local church; the pastor only came occasionally. And there was no one to nurture his new life in Christ. Eventually, he left his family and went to a Bible school. It was ten years before he made it home again, after he got married.

Despite the difficulties, Joshil has grown spiritually, and he knows the importance of equipping others to be disciples of Jesus.

He said, “In all these years, I can see the hand of God in my life. The change that happened that night sustained me.”

Pray for Joshil and others like him as they share the Good News of Jesus and make disciples. And thank the Lord for His hand that guides and sustains you and all of us who know and trust Him.

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