God of the Unexpected

God often chooses to work in unexpected ways, as you’ll discover with this Global Story…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Have you ever been surprised by God? You anticipate one thing—maybe even dreaded or fear it—and then you see the Lord do the unexpected instead?

Beni experienced one of God’s surprises. He directs a discipleship-mission training program in Kenya, and when it came time for outreach, he and his team of disciple-makers went out to share the Gospel in a large community.

It was going well. Beni said, “Then the Lord told us to move on to the next village.”

However, their host pastor warned them against it. That village was controlled by a gang of rowdy, idle young men, known for substance abuse and alcoholism. And the surrounding communities were all afraid of them.

Beni acted on the warning but “our witness became a huge failure,” he said.

“So we went on to that next community where we were received surprisingly well. As we prepared to show the Jesus film, the local boys promised to be our security! They saw to it no one would touch us or our equipment!”

The same young men that everyone feared, God used as security for the visiting disciple-makers!

Even better, many of the gang members turned their lives over to Jesus Christ, as Beni’s team shared the Gospel with them and with the community.

The power of God broke chains of alcoholism, substance abuse. It began transforming the lives of over one hundred people who put their faith in Jesus.

In fact, the community’s reputation completely changed! Where once there was fear, now neighboring villages were amazed to see what God is doing.

Beni reflected back, “God spoke that the work in one village was done, and we should move on to this troubled village. He led, He protected us as ministers in an unexpected way, and He brought many extreme sinners, I mean, those who others had written off, to Himself. When God says something, He knows what He is saying.”

And as Beni discovered, He may surprise us with the unexpected if we obey and follow Him.

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