Satisfaction without Equal

Looking for a sense of fulfillment? For a way to be part of what God is doing? Antonio was, and you’ll learn what he discovered, on this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Did you know that last year, over 10-thousand men and women were equipped and sent out through training programs in partnership with Global Disciples?

And each person has their own story to tell about what they learned, how God changed their lives, and how they are taking part in fulfilling the mission of the Gospel.

Antonio is one of those 10-thousand. Originally from Mexico, he went to a discipleship-mission program in Bolivia.

In sharing his story, Antonio reflected, “I learned extraordinary things about the Word of God but without a doubt, it was the experience of living and working with the people of God that had the greatest impact.

“I had never been surrounded by young people focused on doing something good. To be with people like me who really wanted to know Christ. They didn’t want to drink, take drugs, no promiscuity or anything like that; it deeply impressed me that there are young people willing to give their lives for Christ.”

As Antonio found new fellowship with like-minded followers of Christ, it energized him for the times of outreach.

“There were hard times in the city, in the least-reached area we worked,” he said. “Scorching heat, sleeping on the ground, mosquitoes and other insects, water shortages, long working days, sometimes few hours of sleep—all these things I never imagined in my life!”

But he discovered a greater treasure.

“I can say with all confidence that every second was worthwhile,” Antonio explained, “because I learned ‘great and hidden things that I did not know.’ The satisfaction of serving God is something that has no equal. God gave me a vision, a mission, an objective to pursue. I no longer live the same—I think differently, and everything is focused on serving God.”

What a joy to hear the heart, and the passion, and commitment of someone like Antonio, eager to live out the mission of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

And he’s not alone—God is shaping and moving thousands of Antonios with His mission to reach the least-reached in our world today.

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