A New Song

A life changed by Jesus Christ is a powerful testimony, as Galen points out in the Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen with Global Disciples.

In Psalm 40, David talks about how God has rescued him, and then he declares, “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.”

That “new song” came to mind in a recent report from one of our Global Disciples partner training programs in Kenya.

A team of disciple-makers were sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in several villages where alcoholism was a major problem. They met some resistance from a retired soldier—a local drunk. He tried to chase them off but one of the disciple-makers simply asked if he could pray for the man.

The old soldier agreed—asking him to pray for his problems and especially his family.

As the disciple-makers prayed, the Holy Spirit began to work. And he was willing to hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. He even invited them to begin a Sunday school on his farm!

In another nearby village, as the disciple-makers shared the Good News of Jesus, they met a local woman, known as a drunkard and a prostitute.

When she heard of Jesus’ love and salvation, she put her faith in Him! Another life rescued and transformed. Praise God!

Because of these changed lives, it’s just as the psalmist said—many have seen the Lord and put their trust in Him. Other people in these villages have come to faith in Jesus Christ because they saw how God changed these individuals.

The training director said, “When God changes one person, and people see it, they open their hearts to God.”

As for the new song—this former prostitute is now a bold and joy-filled singer in a new local church. And the Lord has put a new song in her mouth, and given her a new life in Jesus Christ.

This is what we want to see—the transforming work of Jesus Christ, bringing a new song of praise to many in our world today.

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