The Holy Spirit at Work

The Holy Spirit often has to do some work on us before we can do the work He has for us. Galen offers this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As we help churches around the world train and send out a new generation of disciple-makers and church planters, we also see the Holy Spirit change hearts. Both in those being reached with the Gospel, and those who experience the training.

A report from a training program in Uganda includes two such examples.

Charlie said, “Before I attended the training, I didn’t know how to approach lost people. If I found a drunkard, I would straight away tell him you are going to hell! But through this training, I learned to build a relationship with him first, and take a better approach. And now I find joy in reaching out to lost people and many of them are coming to the Lord.”

As Charlie discovered this change, Andre learned to let the Holy Spirit develop self-control.

Andre shared, “Before this training, if I became angry, I felt like exchanging blows with someone who made me angry. Now I have learned to put the old man to death, and to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of my life. As a true disciple of Jesus Christ, I’ve learned to deny myself and carry my own cross.”

For both men, the personal internal change made a difference when it came time to take the Gospel out to reach into the communities. Andre explained what they saw God do.

“We met with resistance from the community,” he explained. “They didn’t welcome us at the beginning. So we prayed and fasted for 24 hours. And out of this, God softened people’s hearts and 72 people came to Christ.”

As a result a church has been planted. And Andre says they continue to fast and pray each month.

Plus, a new vision has been born, Andre said. “Our eyes have been opened to see beyond our local churches. Now we have a global vision and the idea is to multiply disciples who are Christ-like.”

Multiplying Christ-like disciples—that’s what we want to see. And it all begins with the Holy Spirit’s work.

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