Seeing People as Jesus Sees Them

“I was a pastor for 15 years but I did not understand about unreached people. Now I do!”

“I was a pastor for 15 years but I did not understand about unreached people,” Tedros said. “Now I do! We are starting to see people like Jesus sees them.” 

Pastor Tedros directs a discipleship-mission training program launched through his cluster of churches in Ethiopia with the help of Global Disciples. Their vision now is focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus with unreached people. And not just any people group.  

Tedros explained, “I work in a dangerous and risky area dominated by Islam. The radical Muslims live there and many Christian churches have been burned. But five years ago, we started new fellowships of believers in this area.” 

While those he trains have many opportunities to share Christ’s love with people from an Ethiopian Orthodox background or traditional beliefs, their focus is on reaching Muslims. “The Muslims are very far from Jesus,” Tedros said. “Evangelizing the Orthodox is easy—they know about Jesus, but the Muslims don’t know anything about Him.”  

To meet this challenge, Tedros and his team began with a few leaders who were educated in the Koran. Since Jesus is referenced in the Koran, they began there and then traced the work of Christ, His power and authority as revealed in the Bible. As these men put their faith in Jesus, they were equipped to use their new understanding to reach their Muslim neighbors.  

[bctt tweet=”“We began with seven leaders,” Tedros explained, “and now they are missionaries. In our first training, we trained 15 and now we have 60 Muslim-background missionaries.  ” username=”GlobalDisciples”] We have reached 1,200 Muslims. In fact, we will baptize 35 more tomorrow!”

Through the training, Tedros and his church cluster work carefully “underground” to develop the new believers. The disciple-makers or missionaries lead small cell groups helping these new believers grow as disciples of Jesus, and to also make new disciples within their community.    

“The Holy Spirit is moving in this area,” Tedros shared. “Some people come and ask questions about Jesus. He is revealing Himself to the people. But we also have many challenges. The region is very big and the needs are great. We need much prayer; and we need more missionaries to reach these people.”  

Global Disciples serves Tedros and these Ethiopian churches as they pursue the vision to reach a least-reached people. As Tedros put it, “We need to do mission as one people, to collaborate to accomplish the mission of Jesus.”  

What a privilege to work together and serve in the name of Jesus, till all have heard the Good News!   

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