Investment & Return

Don’t be afraid to invest in the mission God has called you too. He’ll honor it, as you’ll learn in this Global Story from Cameroon…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

How much do you to invest in the vision or mission God gave you? Do you do it with your whole heart—AND your resources?

Pascal did. He was trained by Global Disciples to equip disciple-makers and church planters in his region of Cameroon. He was all fired up about multiplying disciples but his supporting churches were reluctant to fund the training program.

Pascal was so committed to answering God’s call that he put his own resources into it. He said, “I really wanted to see it work!” So he sold the livestock he was raising. Think of it—selling off your business, mortgaging your home, or cashing in your retirement funds…just to carry out the vision God gives you.

Did his investment pay off?

Well, the first year, Pascal trained and sent 15 new disciple-makers for outreach and evangelism. In one area, they planted 2 churches, with about 80 new believers.

In one community, they were asked to help a dying church find new life. They left a church planter there to shepherd that church until a pastor is ready.

The church planters visited a place where Pascal said, “It is difficult to preach. But we spoke to the local queen. She suffered from a terminal disease so we prayed for her in the name of Jesus. Immediately she was healed!” Pascal says she’s opening doors for the Gospel among all of her people now.

Another chief had a daughter who was very ill. The disciple-makers prayed for her healing and the Lord answered. As a result the chief welcomed them to his home and gave them access to his people. But, Pascal said, “It’s a very difficult place to minister. So I plan to move there to continue to work on a breakthrough in this place.”

Pascal’s sacrifice and personal investment is bearing spiritual fruit. And I’m happy to say his churches now have begun to fully support his efforts as well.

What about you? How are you investing in what God has called you to do for His glory?

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