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Touching Lives Today

Just as He did in the Bible, Jesus is still touching lives today. Discover more with a new Global Story


The Global Story is a 3-minute radio program airing Saturdays at 10:25 AM on WDAC, 94.5 FM.


Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

In the Gospels, we often see how Jesus reached out and touched a person’s life. He healed the sick, made the lame walk, the blind see, and freed those who are in spiritual bondage. We read those stories and marvel at His power and compassion.

Well, today Jesus is still touching lives. Recent stories from the Democratic Republic of Congo illustrate His power and His compassion in action. These stories come from disciple-makers and church planters who were trained and sent out through our Global Disciples partner programs.

In one village, where a woman heard the disciple-makers talking about Jesus’ love and power, she rushed home and came back with her lame child. She had heard from everyone around her that there is no way her son would ever walk. He was too crippled. But she believed Jesus could do it. And the church planters prayed for her child in the name of Jesus. Within a month, the boy started to walk!

During another time of outreach, the church planters met Rose. She was suffering with terrible inflammation in her knee. When they laid hands on her, and prayed in the name of Jesus for her healing, she was healed. The pain disappeared! And three days later the inflammation was completely gone. Even better, Rose believed in Jesus Christ as her Savior and was soon baptized.

One team of church planters met three people who were possessed by demons. They shared the Gospel with them, prayed for them in the name of Jesus, and all three were set free from the forces of Satan!

Matana had been chased from her home because of demonic forces in her life. When she heard the message of Jesus, she too gave her life to Jesus. And destroyed all her tools for witchcraft. Another life touched and set free, in the powerful name of Jesus.

Yes, Jesus is working in powerful and miraculous ways today, in some of the hardest and least-reached places. He’s setting people free, drawing them to a new life of hope, freedom, grace, and power.

Praise His powerful name!

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