From None to Some

Eli moved into a region where there were no other followers of Christ. Find out what happened next on this edition of the Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

“When I first moved to this place, there were no Christians here,” Eli said. “Now there are 40 people who have come to know Christ! And we are focused on reaching another village about 30 minutes away where there’s no Christians living.”

Eli is a young pastor and training director from Myanmar. He’s one of many who are seeking to spread the light of the Gospel in a dark place. A place where Buddhism and spirit worship permeate all aspects of society. He has moved from his home state to another region to help a cluster of churches train and equip disciple-makers and church planters.

Eli shared recently his joys and challenges. He said, “We had 15 participants in our discipleship-mission training. When we went to the village to share the Gospel, we worked beside the people doing physical labor. Eventually they believed our testimony and some came to Christ and left Buddhism. We baptized some, but six of the people we baptized were expelled by their parents and their family. One young woman came to Christ but her family—mostly her father—will not allow her to be baptized.”

He and the church planters he’s trained have seen God work despite their difficulties. He said, “God performed a miracle when we did outreach. A woman who had physical issues for 20 years came and we prayed for her. Later she called to tell us God had healed her!”

Eli also talked to a man he met in the first village where he arrived. “He was a drunk,” Eli said, “and he wanted to fight me. But now he is a Christian and my trusted friend. And because of him, many others have come to know Jesus.”

It’s amazing to go from a place with no witness to Christ, to a growing body of believers seeking to reach those who still live in darkness. What a joy to hear Eli’s story and to know that he’s only one of so many carrying on the Great Commission in Myanmar, and around the world!

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