Galen is joined by a guest on today’s Global Story  to introduce a way you can get involved in reaching the least-reached…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As I talk with people, I’ve discovered that those who share our vision for reaching the least-reached often are eager to invite their friends to get involved. And one way to do that is through a new initiative we call, GoGlobal 1Day. With me is Jerry Meadows, who gives leadership to church relations with Global Disciples.

Jerry, explain what GoGlobal 1Day is all about.

Jerry:             You know, I think what it’s all about is extending these courageous and powerful stories that you tell every week here – it’s extending them into like the home or the church so that people can be involved in an active way.

Galen:           So, what’s behind this? What’s been driving this particular initiative?

Jerry: Well, the desire on Global Disciples’ part to fuel the faith of the average believer with God’s heart for the unreached people of the world. God’s mission is to make sure every person on the planet has an opportunity to choose and follow Jesus Christ. Two billion have not yet heard. So we want to involve people in praying for, sharing about, and giving towards God’s work with the least-reached.

Galen:           That’s great! So how do we get started?

Jerry:             I’d suggest going to and be inspired yourself, be informed yourself, and then involve others. There’s a 17 year old girl in Southeast Asia who was informed about the unreached people of her region. She understood how to share the Gospel. And she went to her school intentionally to pray for, share about God’s work among those unreached. She ended up sharing the Gospel with many people. Half her class came to Christ and then one of the teachers.

We just want to join with her as we pray for, share about, and give towards God’s work among the unreached.

Galen:           We’re eager to see many of those who are listening to us today get involved. Thanks, Jerry.

This initiative is about giving each of you a way to pray and share and give to help reach people with the Good News of Jesus around the world. So please consider your part in GoGlobal 1Day and join us in making a difference in reaching the least-reached.

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