Planting Seeds

Planting seeds of faith is an important first step in planting churches. Check out this story of seed planters from Indonesia, with the latest Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Indonesia has the most Muslims of any country in the world. It also has disciples of Jesus Christ like Mumu.

Mumu did her discipleship training through Global Disciples and a partner program. During her outreach, she spent three months teaching English conversation at a Muslim boarding school. It was located in one of Indonesia’s many islands, among one of the hardest ethnic groups to reach with the Gospel.

But God opened a door. The school wanted the children to learn English, and Mumu and another girl took this unique opportunity.

Mumu said, “We longed to build relationships and share the Gospel with them, even though it’s difficult because they’re strong Muslims. They need the Gospel; they need the love of God.” Her goal was to introduce each student—and their teachers—to God’s love.

Sometimes other teachers challenged her. Especially the head English teacher, a strong local Muslim leader. He had many questions, questions about fasting and what it meant to be Christians.

Mumu said, “I was nervous, but I felt the Holy Spirit strengthen me. I told him fasting was one of the ways we build our relationship with Jesus, to experience Him in our lives. It’s not about rules or eating or drinking. He said Muslims only did it because their leaders told them to. It had no personal meaning or benefit.”

She lived in a dormitory with her students, and along with teaching responsibilities, Mumu and her teammate offered counsel and friendship. They made sure their conversations allowed them to share the love of God. Or they prayed for students who were sick, or even demon possessed.

Mumu said, “Some asked me how I had this great faith. I told them I did not, but Jesus can do anything because He is the Almighty God.”

While Mumu didn’t plant a church, she did see God at work through the many seeds she planted. And she learned to be a faithful disciple, speaking up and living out the love of Jesus among people who needed to see it and hear it.

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