Sharing the stories of what God is doing is one way to help reach the least-reached. Galen and today’s guest on the Global Story will tell you more…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As you hear about how God is using Global Disciples, you often tell us about how you share our stories with your friends and family. Now there’s a way you can take it step farther. It’s called GoGlobal 1Day. I’m joined by Wendy Nagle, who’s a key member of our Global Partners team with Global Disciples.

 Wendy:              Galen, GoGlobal 1Day was fueled by a very simple question: How can we help Global’s next generation supporters share and multiply their passion for the least-reached?

So as we looked forward to the opportunity of summer gatherings, our team got busy setting up the tools and collecting both prayer needs and amazing stories of God’s faithfulness for our friends to share with their friends and families through the summer months.

Galen, each week you come here and share a story with our listeners of what God is doing around the world. You’ve seen personally how sharing those God stories transforms both the story teller and their listener.

 Galen:                Every time I tell a story, my desire is that people’s eyes are opened in a new way to see the glory of God and see the power of God at work.

I remember sitting recently spellbound as some brothers from a country in Asia, working in a very difficult place, telling us about how God is moving miraculously in healing people. They would go out in the field, working with the laborers, and they would find people who were struggling from some injury or sickness. They prayed for them and God was transforming their lives.

There’s something about those kinds of stories which energizes us and cause us to believe that God could do the same thing where we live. Those are the kinds of stories we want our listeners to hear, to be able to share with friends this summer, as they get together to share, and to pray, and to give.

Wendy:              And we want to make that easy. We invite you today to text or visit our website to see how you might get involved. Join us for prayer, story sharing, and giving. And mark your calendars for September 7 when we’ll be celebrating GoGlobal 1Day adventures with a day of giving and gathering at an event at WJTL’s Junction Center.

Galen:                Thanks, Wendy. GoGlobal 1Day is an exciting way for you to be a story-teller. And to do your part to help reach the least-reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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